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Industrial Roller Fairleads

High strength 45mm diameter rollers
Permanently lubed bronze bushings provide long roller life and smooth cable retrieval
Heavy-duty welded frame
Available in chrome or painted
Available for all industrial winches

PN 24336 Black - for 10" drum
PN 30859 Chrome - for 10" drum
PN 30860 Chrome - for 8" drum
PN 24335 Black - for 8" drum
PN 29844 Black - for 6.5" drum
PN 77532 Black - for Series XL Winch; standard drum
PN 77869 Black - for Series XL Winch; long drum

Parts for Industrial Roller Fairleads

PN 30863 Bronze Bushing
PN 13857 C Clip
PN 30867 9.33" Horizontal Roller
PN 24031 10.90" Shaft
PN 30484 Vertical Roller

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