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Select your Self Recovery winch model:

M5000 5,000 lb. winch

M6000 6,000 lb. winch

M6000 SDP Multi-Mount winch

M8000 8,000 lb. winch

M8000s 8,000 lb. winch

M8274 8,000 lb. winch

VR8000 8,000 lb. winch

VR8000s 8,000 lb. winch

X8000i 8,000 lb. winch

X8000i Multi-Mount winch

XD9000 9,000 lb. winch

XD9000i 9,000 lb. winch

XD9000i Multi-Mount winch

9.0Rc 9,000 lb. winch

9.5cti 9,5000 lb. winch

9.5si 9,500 lb. winch

9.5ti Multi-Mount 9,500 lb.winch

9.5xp 9,500 lb. winch

9.5xp-s 9,500 lb. winch

HS 9500 9,500 lb.winch

HS 9500i 9,500 lb.winch

M10000 10,000 lb. winch

VR10000 10,000 lb. winch

VR1000s 10,000 lb. winch

Endurance 12.0 12,000 lb. winch

M12000 12,000 lb. winch

VR12000 12,000 lb. winch

M15000 15,000 lb. winch

16.5ti Heavy-Weight Series 16,500 lb. winch

PowerPlant HD Model

PowerPlant HP Model


Zeon 8000 winch

Zeon 10000 winch

Zeon-10 Platinum winch

Zeon 12000 winch

Zeon-12 Platinum winch

Select your CE (European) Self Recovery model:

CE M6000 6,000 lb. winch

CE M8000 8,000 lb. winch

CE M8274-50 8,000 lb. winch

CE X8000i 8,000 lb. winch

CE XD9000 9,000 lb. winch

CE XD9000i 9,000 lb. winch

CE HS 9500 9,500 lb. winch

CE HS 9500i 9,500 lb. winch

CE M10000 10,000 lb. winch

CE M12000 12,000 lb. winch

Select your ATV winch model:

4.0ci P/N 68190A1

3.0ci P/N

CE 3.0ci P/N62701

2.5ci P/N 64500

CE 2.5ci P/N 64501

1.5ci P/N 69900A0

RT40 P/N 77000

RT/XT 25/30

RT/XT 15

ATV Discontinued Winches:

A2000 P/N 36001, 360012(CE)

A2500 P/N 38076, 380762(CE)

Select your Plow System:

Part Number 92100: Push Tube Assy. Front Mount

Part Number 78100: Plow Tube Kit, Mid Mount

Part Number 62100: Plow Tube Kit

Part Number 37574: Plow Kit, 48"

Select your Industrial hoist or winch model:

Series 6 winch

Series 9 winch

Series 12 winch

DC800 hoist

DC1000 hoist

DC 1200 hoist

DC 1600 hoist

DC 2000 hoist

DC 3000 hoist

HY 2000 hoist

HY 3000 hoist

DC4000 12V hoist

DC4000 24V hoist

Select your WARN Works model:

1700 DC winch

3000 ACI winch

3700 DC winch

4700 DC winch


Select your wiring diagram:

New 5-wire standard control pack

New 5-wire Inline Control Pack

5-wire Inline Control Pack

3-Wire Remote

5-Wire Remote

6-Wire Remote

Inline 3-wire 2040

Large Frame 3-Wire 2040

Large Frame 5-Wire

Large Frame 24V

Mid-Frame 3 Wire 2040

Mid-Frame 5 Wire

3000 ACI

24VDC 5-wire Remote Control Pack conversion

ATV Wireless Remote Control

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How to use our exploded view image map catalog system: Hovering your mouse cursor over the item number of a part will show the name and a description of the part as well as the part number (may not work in all browsers).  Clicking on it will add the item to your shopping cart. You may remove the item from your shopping cart by clicking the "Click here to remove this item from your shopping cart" link if you do not wish to purchase it. 

If you click on an item and it does not appear in your shopping cart, that item is not in our database.  Please call us for more information.  Additionally, Some items which appear on the exploded views are not currently listed in the catalog and are not linked to add the item to your shopping cart - call us for information if the part you want is not currently catalogued. 

In some cases, two versions of a part may be available, such as a 12V or 24V option.  In these cases, the second option description is shown inside ( ) parenthesis along with the phrase "call us to order."  Clicking on the item number will add the first option part to your shopping cart. If you want to order the part option in the parenthesis instead, please call us. 


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